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Posted by localz on September 15, 2021

6 October city is one of Al Giza governorate’s nicest areas in the last 50 years of community creation. It’s one of the new cities that are no longer abandoned or lack any services or facilities.

It’s a ready-to-live city with different entertainment, services, facilities and everything you might need in a city.

The city dates back to the late president Al-Sadat, named after the victorious war of the 6th of October.

And it is only 38 kilos away from Downtown and can be reached through the most famous roads in Egypt like the Ring Road, and 26th of July’s Corridor, and Alex Desert Road.

The 6 October city has 12 different districts that reflect the different social levels of the Egyptian residents.

6th of October Neighbourhood

The Economic Neighbourhood:

Are the ones that have the lowest average of meter prices in the 6th of October City, for example, the South Neighbourhood, October Gardens, and the Industrial Neighbourhood. On the same hand, the average meter price in these neighborhoods is around EGP 3,700.

One of October Garden’s perks is the national real estate projects like “Ebny Betk” or “Build your own house”, and the “Mortgage Finance Fund”, while on the other hand, in the Industrial Neighbourhood, the average price of the one-meter is the lowest of all of 6th of October, but it has a critical disadvantage of being the most polluted neighborhood there, as a result of the many factories around.

The middle-class Neighbourhood:

For example the Northern Expansions, and the Districts Areas, which are the two most populated areas in 6th of October City, since it is located in the Eastern side of the Districts Area, and it goes perfectly with those who are planning to get a house with an average budget.

It also has different residential and commercial blocks for both individuals and wanna-be-companies, in addition to several facilities, including medical services like the well-known Dar Al Foad hospital, and the entertainment hub, Mall of Arabia.

The Northern Expansions’ average prices for meters go around EGP 4,400, while the Districts Area is also one of the most important neighborhoods, with an average price for the meter of EGP 4,700.

The High-Class Neighbourhood:

West Somid is one of the distinguished neighborhoods in the 6th of October City.

It lies in the entrance of the city, near Al Mehwar, and is known for having lots of villas around, with an advantage of wide streets and lots of landscapes, with an average price of meter of EGP 6,550 for the residential units, while the villas go up to EGP 10,050.

On the other hand, Al Motamayz District is also popular for being one of the luxurious neighborhoods in October, known for being near Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Misr University, Novotel Hotel, and more landmarks. It’s known to have an average meter price of EGP 6,750, while the villas go as far as EGP 13.

The perks of living in 6th of October City

An Integrated City:

The newly-developed cities nowadays, are the ones with great constructions, and great vast green areas, but little or no services and facilities.

On the other hand, the 6th of October City is known to be an integrated city, with entertainment, educational, healthcare, luxury, commercial, and each service you could think about.

All this makes it hard for you to need to go outside of the city to do or enjoy anything, and why would you when you have all you need in one place?

The Malls:

One of the best entertainment destinations in the 6th of October City is the malls, the famous ones that some might travel to just to spend a day-use at it, while the 6th of October residents have them all minutes away from where they live.

One of those famous entertainment hubs is Mall of Arabia, Cityscape Mall, Green Park, while Al Hossary Square is also known for having a long list of restaurants, commercial destinations, and entertainment locations for every member of the family.

The Geographical Advantage:

Being super close to El-Sheikh Zayed City makes the 6th of October residents feel like it’s one big area, which means that all the entertaining destinations of Zayed are one step closer to 6th of October residences, such as Arkan, City Walk, Cairo Walk and more.

Educational Landmarks:

When you have a group of national and international universities in your neighborhood, like Misr University for Science & Technology, October University for Modern Science & Art, Ahram Canadian University, Akhbar El Yom University, and more, it directly puts your city on the map.

Excellent Urban Planning:

The 6 October city has excellent urban planning which makes it easier for its residents to visit, and flexibly move around the city, with zero need to get stuck in traffic.

One of the biggest advantages of the planning of the city is having it divided into blocks, 12 blocks exactly which makes it more organized than you could imagine.

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