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Posted by localz on September 7, 2021

Choosing your dream house is not an easy job at all, it’s a long-term commitment that you need to make sure you’re 100% in with. This step takes a lot of considerations and decisions so you do not look back after buying your house, and think you could have done it better. One of the questions that pop into your head while searching for your dream house is which developer I am gonna go with? What location do I wanna settle in? And What neighborhood I wanna be part of?

To get through a successful house-hunting process, you will have to go through the following phases so you could get the best real estate investment for you:

1- Get to know your residential needs first
What type of residential unit do you want? How many rooms? Do you have a big family? Do you have kids? Or are you planning to have kids soon? Putting things on the ground will help you figure out the best house for you. For example, if you are a young single man looking for a place to live in, you might be interested in an entertaining destination with loads of places to have fun at, while if you are above sixty with only your wife, while you occasionally receive a visit from your grandchildren, you would love a quiet neighborhood with full-board healthcare services.

Also one of the things that you need to pre-decide is the space, and interior and exterior designs you would love, while the lifestyle and culture of your next home are some of the most important calls you will ever make in your life. Based on that, you will finally have the chance to decide on a certain developer that fits all of your needs and dreams.

2- Decide on your real estate budget and plan
After setting your mind straight on where you want to live and what are your family’s needs, you get to elevate to a new harder level of decision making; your budget. In this stage, you need to take a whole look at your financial situation at the moment, how much do you own, and how much are you ready to give away for this new investment?

Then comes another question, do you have the whole dream house cost, or are you intending to go with an installments plan, a loan, or any other financial facilitations?

Afterward, you need to make a list of all the expenses you will be paying, in case you are following some sort of installment plan, you need to figure out your monthly expenses, and does it fit your current paycheck or not?

3- Look for the best Real Estate Developer
The real estate landscape is one of the most flourishing markets in Egypt nowadays since nobody is ever going to stop getting independent, or thinking about starting a family without involving real estate in the plan. Many people are planning to elevate their quality of life by choosing a new dream house that guarantees the culture and lifestyle they are looking for, especially for their children.
And despite being a red sea kind of market, the real estate market, the trusted real estate developers are fewer than you could ever think. Once you find a developer who is honest about the delivery time, you won’t find great quality, and once you get it right with the quality, you discover that they are not punctual at all. So, you need to do your research regarding choosing the right developer for your needs. Ask yourself, what really matters to you when buying your dream house?

4- Compare different residential units
After hunting the right real estate developer for you, here comes choosing the residential unit moment you have been longing for. You will have to start searching and getting to know more about the prices, locations, facilities, and how all of this appeals to your family. Write down all the specifications of each apartment, and compare them to each other by making it as visual as it could be, an excel sheet would be perfect in this case. And this will be the turning point that will help you compare among different units and come up with the best.

London House for Real Estate Developing will help you land your dream house starting from the designs and plans you would love to have, passing by the location of your dreams, till you reach the lifestyle and culture you have been longing for. We will go through the available payment plans, installments, and offers that guarantee you the best real estate investment ever.

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