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London House is a British-inspired real estate investor & developer aiming to change and affect the Egyptian real estate landscape by redefining luxury. We promise our clients to go through the journey of developing their next destination together from concept to delivery, providing sophistication, quality, and most importantly punctuality to give them the chance to Live The English Way.

Chairman Message

With many years of experience in the real estate market, we are seizing the moment in one of the most flourished landscapes in Egypt, raising the bar higher with our team’s dedication, quality, and perfect know-how. 

London House is much more than constructions and developments, we are presenting a lifestyle, a culture, and a new environment within the same geographical borders of Egypt. Bringing the English mentality into our designs is what makes the communities we are creating hard to resist. 

Our main goal is to make you feel at home, safe, and luxurious. It’s our number one priority to capitalize on the Egyptian market opportunities to acquire lands with luring locations and turn it into the British community you have always dreamed to live in with no need to actually fly over there.

Eng. Mohammed Yousri

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Our Mission

  • Creating an English-inspired architecture on Egyptian land by lending the British business model to apply its high standards in Egypt.
  • Elevating the Egyptian Real Estate market to a higher level of commitment and quality.
  • Training a high-quality team of Real Estate experts to guarantee a perfect service to our clients.
  • Spreading the punctual mentality in the Egyptian Real Estate market by delivering the units on time.
  • Offering full-board services, including entertainment, medical, commercial, sportive, and more of the facilities we offer at our projects. 

Our Vision

We offer Egyptian real estate projects with an English spirit by developing the guidelines of such an architecture inclusion to end up creating the English punctuality blended with the Egyptian sophisticated heritage. We see an opportunity to mix a group of the most important characteristics of great real estate projects, guaranteeing luxury, welfare, and culture, all at the same place. 

Company Strategy

Our company’s strategy in London House has four main pillars for our team to follow:

Culture: We care about the environment as much as you do, this is why we are determined to deliver a pollution-free community that is completely designed and developed to include a vast green area in every space we create. London House is making sure every single day you are breathing fresh air in a sustainable community that participates in making our life much healthier than before.

Quality: Our quality starts from a clean, straightforward and catchy concept drawn by our best concept designers to get it to the software designers to start turning those ideas into digital sketches, followed by our construction team that makes sure the whole process follows the international and national quality standards in the construction industry, then comes the operating and delivering phase where our new residents get to live the English experience and check everything out.

Luxury: We build to comfort, we build to entertain, and we build to grant you the luxury you deserve. This is why we ask ourselves every day the same question, how could we make it more luxurious? Starting from the concept and designs, and ending up with the services, facilities, and privileges we offer at our ready-to-live communities.

Punctuality: We deliver on the British time zone which is ON TIME, with no setbacks, no breaking our promises, and no missing a single deadline. Our motto as a real estate developing team is punctuality comes first. We have maintained a culture of delivering high-quality within the agreed-upon deadline, a trait that we are proud to bring to the Egyptian real estate community for the very first time.

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